About Us

Randi Picarelli and Stacey Clement Rifkin

About the Cards

We couldn’t lie to our friends any longer. We are tired of pretending that we’re happy about your babies, thrilled you’re turning another year older, or that we actually care about your problems. We saw the need for greeting cards that make people laugh at the truth. That is, we wanted snarky, funny, irreverent messages which are also beautifully designed. Based out of Los Angeles, we are committed to creating a line of products with minimal environmental impact. Every Hard Card and envelope are printed with soy ink and made from 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper. That means no new trees are cut down, and no bleach, acid, or chlorine is used.

About the Owners

Owners Stacey Rifkin and Randi Picarelli are awesome. This  website was in no way created by either of them so please take this as an unbiased assessment. But if you asked them, they’d probably still tell you that they’re awesome. They have pretty big egos.

After long and illustrious careers as runway supermodels, Stacey and Randi decided to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding. With Randi as her coach, choreographer, and personal spray-tanner, Stacey won 3 Junior Miss Fitness world titles and holds an award for ‘Best Bikini’, currently her most prized possession. Randi continues to coach on the side to this day and has started a daycamp for young toddlers interested in the world of competitive bodybuilding. “The Younger, The Better” is her camp’s slogan.

Now, Stacey and Randi bask in the glow of hilarity and wit and are pleased you are here to bear witness to their brainchild Hard Cards.

All glamour shot photographs of our cards were taken by our amazing photographer Mark Jobe.
Check out his work at www.markjobeimages.com